An unfortunate loss. Source:

A Message for Improvement

I’d like to congratulate my opponent, Byron Donalds, on his win for the primary. As I’ve said many times, he is a good Republican and I hope this challenge shows him two things.

1) No matter how big you think you are, you are never untouchable.

2) There is a need for further improvement.

This campaign has been rewarding for me over the past 4 months. Dollar for dollar our campaign managed to net votes at about $1.20 each compared to the $62.80 spent per vote of my opponent (based on preliminary data above and current FEC disbursements and subject to change). I’d love to see corporate money removed from future campaigns but that’s another conversation.

These results tell me I should have started earlier but I was unable to given my job and responsibilities, and for that I apologize. It also tells me we have a voice getting louder which speaks of change. Change away from politics as usual and towards more responsibility, professionalism, and accountability.

A special thank you to all those who supported this campaign. It was through you all that I gave me the strength to keep fighting the good fight. Do not give up as there will be good people who will continue to show up and need a helping hand in the future.

I hope Congressman Donalds takes this lesson with him when he wins in November and shows the people of SWFL he is in tune even more with them above all else. Given the competition, and the conversation we have had, I support Byron Donalds to lead District 19 in November.

~Jim Huff