Jim Huff – Still an Engineer, not a politician.

A Message for Improvement.

Although I’m not currently pursuing an office, that doesn’t mean I won’t in the future. Nor does it mean I’ve stopped doing what I can to push forward and improve life for American citizens. I am once again employed with a government agency that I feel does positive work and provides me the opportunity to put my engineering expertise to beneficial use, directly benefitting both Florida and the greater United States of America.

I hope to one day serve the public in a greater capacity but for that to occur I will need support from you, the general public. I pursued this election with very little funding and took on the role of many positions within my campaign. I can clearly see that is not feasible and if I run again I will have to ask each and everyone of you for a donation. Please keep an eye out for future elections where we may come together to fight for a better America.

Thank you,

~Jim Huff