US Capitol Building, June 2021

Why should you vote for Jim?

  • He is a Professional Engineer, Not a Politician.
    • Public welfare is a top priority.
    • Research driven, fact based, educated decisions.
  • Graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University.
  • Promotes conservation of the environment – Clean Water.
  • Raised with community values.
  • Over 14 years federal service (civilian).
  • Understands needs of citizens from most backgrounds. He’s been in your shoes.
  • To promote the change we need in restoring America.

Jim’s goals as a congressman:

  • Address the Three I’s at the national level: Infrastructure – Immigration – Inflation
  • Continue restoration of our waters and local environment through new and on-going cost-share projects between the State of Florida and Federal Government.
  • Accountability of our politicians to address America’s needs first. Term Limits.
  • Bring both parties to the table through debate and discussion, putting personal agendas aside, to ensure a job well done for the people.

Less Fighting = More Progress

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Early Life

Born in rural New Jersey in 1984, Jim grew up with loving parents and an older sister. The small town environment in which he was raised taught him to give back to the community through volunteering and participation. Jim took this role seriously as he earned the rank of Eagle Scout through the Boy Scouts of America. Jim started working as a farm hand at age 15, an office automation assistant at 16 and graduated from a Blue Ribbon school and elected to go to college in Florida.

College 1.0

Jim attended the University of Florida from 2002-2004. After finding the big university life wasn’t for him, he finished his Associates Degree in Engineering at Santa Fe Community College. Jim then re-entered the work force full time.

Fort Drum, NY. Cleanup project from jet fuel leak.
Florida soil investigation.

Blue Collar Life

During college summers Jim worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) – Baltimore District as a laborer for the Field Exploration Unit. After earning his associates degree he found interest in the rewarding work the Army Corps does, supporting both the American warfighter and the environment through restoration projects. Jim went to work full-time with USACE and became a Senior Drill Rig Operator contributing to projects in Florida such as the Kissimmee River Restoration, Herbert Hoover Dike Repairs, and the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan; all of which aim to restore the environment and reduce contaminants which eventually flow down the Caloosahatchee River.

In early 2015, Jim applied to Florida Gulf Coast University to finish his degree. A risky, yet rewarding, change that led him back to Florida once again.

College 2.0

Florida Gulf Coast University proved to be a perfect fit for Jim. Excelling within the University and the community, Jim earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Magna Cum Laude. In addition, Jim participated in many engineering associations that reached out in the community, most notably serving as President for the Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Community cleanup and STEM outreach programs were a regular occurrence.

Picayune Strand State Forest – Naples, FL. Faka Union Plugs Project 2021.

Life after college

Jim returned to USACE as a civil engineer and specialized in geotechnical engineering with Jacksonville District. Assisting in projects that directly improve water quality discharges from Lake Okeechobee as well as restoration projects in Picayune Strand State Forest in Naples, it was an excellent way to advance his career from early investigation, to construction, design, and implementation of mega cost share projects between the Federal Government and the State of Florida.

Jim earned his Professional Engineer license in early 2022. Shortly thereafter he sold his house in Jacksonville, FL and returned to Southwest Florida where his parents reside. As an employee of USACE Jim was not permitted to run for any elected office so he resigned from his Federal Appointment to pursue a position in Congress through the US House of Representatives, representing Florida’s District 19 as a Republican.

C-44 Reservoir – Indiantown, FL.
Family Vacation 2020.
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