Policy Positions

Transparency is key! First a list of my priorities, or the items I will be authoring legislation for. Once we succeed with these we will add more priorities. Second are a list of policies and my position on them should they come up in other legislation.


Term Limits

In 1947 the Constitution was amended to limit the President to 8 years, or 10 years if serving half a term unexpectedly. I will be proposing legislation that limits congress, both Senate and House of Representatives, to 12 years. Within this proposal the terms for Reps will be changed from 2 to 4 years so more time is spent governing and not campaigning every other year. If passed Senators could serve two terms and Reps could serve 3 terms each making 12 years.

Clean Water

The surface water flowing from Lake Okeechobee down the Caloosahatchee is full of nutrients which contribute to algal blooms and fish kills. We have started in the right direction with the billions being spent through the Federal and Florida State cost share programs but it is not the final solution. We must continue pressing hard for the Federal Government to continue supporting reclamation efforts which will restore the everglades and control the nutrient discharges that plague our rivers, canals, and beaches.

Stronger Ethics Laws

Federal and State Government employees know what real ethics laws look like. For example: as a federal employee I could not accept a gift from a coworker valued greater than $20; however, we know our congressmen and congresswomen (and/or their families) are getting rich while supposedly serving our country. We need to stop letting special interest groups buy votes. This legislation will entail a variety of rules which will help keep our government honest and focused on serving the people.

Policy Positions


There’s a difference between immigrants and illegal aliens. Currently our borders are being overrun. The media is focused on the southern border where thousands cross each day, but I have heard first hand that the northern border is also being used for illegal entry more than ever. This is unacceptable for our President and his Administration to allow. Congress must step up with legislation to be enforced to protect our borders, protect our country, and protect our citizens!

Fiscal Responsibility (Inflation)

Balance the Budget! It is absurd to think the Federal Government should be increasing debt year after year. We must cut costs where money is being frivolously wasted. We must ensure the agencies and projects on the book are serving the public as intended and working efficiently. We must provide a balanced budget to strengthen the American economy as well as the US Dollar. Inflation as of late is increasing the cost of goods, transportation, housing, and nearly everything that the general public picks up the extra cost for. This needs to be addressed by qualified economists and incorporated with the federal spending needs.

Voter Integrity

I believe we need a federal standard for voting. Right now the states have control over most everything related to voting and it clearly is not working. We must ensure all states have the proper checks in place to ensure confidence in our nations most sacred practice. I also firmly believe proof of citizenship by showing identification be required for all states when voting.

2nd Amendment

I believe the second amendment was instituted to protect our citizens from foreign invasion, tyrannical government (meaning our own), as well as personal protection against anyone who wishes harm to a person or their family. I put my carry weapon on each day as if it was my seatbelt in my car. I never want to have to use it, but I’m not going to take the chance and not put it on that day. I feel a federal concealed carry permit is necessary to simplify the laws across our great nation, as well as allow law abiding citizens the same rights, no matter where they travel.

Law Enforcement and First Responders

The men and women in EMS services go above and beyond what most citizens are expected of during a normal day of work. Some pay the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. We must provide the necessary equipment and training to them to ensure they perform to the best of their abilities. We should also take the time to say thank you when we encounter them in our daily lives.


My father is a 75 year old Vietnam veteran who served with the 11th Armored Cavalry. I see the daily struggles for him to get the care he needs through the VA. We must continue to improve the system that treats both young and old veterans and soldiers as they have proudly served and protected our great nation. We must also be vigilant in considering all possible options before sending the men and women of our Armed Forces into battle.

China and Russia

It is no mystery that China and Russia have made advances to gain global control from the United States of America. The US Dollar is the international currency which drives them crazy. We must ensure our Government stays vigilant in prohibiting China or any other country from buying up thousands of acres of farm and industrial land within our nation. We must ensure we return to being an energy independent nation. We must ensure we are at the forefront of information technology to prevent hacks, protect our citizens’ private information, as well as our national security secrets.

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